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Prefer face to face? We do too!

Face to Face Consultations vs Online/Telephone

At Parker’s Design we offer an initial free of charge face to face first consultations, where appropriate to the enquiry, as we believe in firstly meeting the people who we might end up working with and also seeing the property that the work relates to in order to give the best advice possible.

So many of our competitors in the first instance offer an impersonal on-line discussion or present you, the Client, with a form to complete, in order to be able to give a quotation for the Planning and Design work. At Parkers we think it is far more important to know who we are working with, and many of our Clients have said this was the reason they first came to us, as well as being able to look at the project and talk it through completely so we understand exactly what the Client is trying to achieve . This has on occasions allowed us to advise Clients of perhaps a better way to utilize their space or a more cost-effective approach to get the required end result.

Also when visiting a potential Client for the first time, it is very likely that we will have worked with other Clients in that location before, which also gives us the ability to know what other people in the same area have been able to achieve with their property as well as knowing what the Local Authority may favour which in turns helps us to advise on a project that carries the best chance of having a successful outcome. That is obviously in everyone’s interest!


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